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There are three different types of calls to Akismet:

  1. Key verification will verify whether or not a valid API key is being used. This is especially useful if you will have multiple users with their own Akismet subscriptions using your application.
  2. Comment check is used to ask Akismet whether or not a given post, comment, profile, etc. is spam.
  3. Submit spam and submit ham are follow-ups to let Akismet know when it got something wrong (missed spam and false positives). These are very important, and you shouldn't develop using the Akismet API without a facility to include reporting missed spam and false positives.

See the detailed documentation of each feature for more information about their usage.

Further reading

Before integrating this library into your application, you should test your API calls to ensure a proper usage.

If you want to be notified when a call is made to the Akismet service, or to log the service responses for further processing, you should take a look at the events triggered by the Client class.