Represents a comment submitted by an author.



author: null | Author

The comment's author.

content: string

The comment's content.

context: string[]

The context in which this comment was posted.

date: null | Date

The UTC timestamp of the creation of the comment.

permalink: null | URL

The permanent location of the entry the comment is submitted to.

postModified: null | Date

The UTC timestamp of the publication time for the post, page or thread on which the comment was posted.

recheckReason: string

A string describing why the content is being rechecked.

referrer: null | URL

The URL of the webpage that linked to the entry being requested.

type: string

The comment's type.


  • Converts this object to a map in JSON format.

    Returns Record<string, any>

    The map in JSON format corresponding to this object.

  • Creates a new comment from the specified JSON object.


    • json: Record<string, any>

      A JSON object representing a comment.

    Returns Comment

    The instance corresponding to the specified JSON object.